The SEO marketplace is in a continual state of flux. No one strategy remains successful over a long period of time. It’s why companies must work with trusted experts such as our team here at WSI Priority Media to learn the latest trends and hone their website and content based on the latest SEO guidelines. To help support the ongoing success of your Ontario, California business, we’re offering five tips for building successful SEO campaigns in 2016, in this latest post.

  1. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is now commonly used by cell phone users around the globe. The increasing viability of voice search technology is helping to drive its value. And so companies attempting to make a connection with their mobile audiences must ensure their site is optimized for voice search. This involves keeping in mind conversational search queries and developing content based on questions a user might ask Google directly.

  1. Remove All Duplicate Content

One of the core reasons for SEO penalties in 2016 is duplicate content. Any content that has been reproduced a number of times on a website can cause that website to drop significantly in the rankings. Google has been clamping down on all forms of duplicate content and firms must ensure that each piece they publish is fresh, new, and engaging.

  1. Consider Social Signals in All Content

Social media is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor as sites such as Facebook and Twitter take an ever greater hold over the online marketplace. This means Ontario, California companies can improve their SEO campaigns this year by integrating social signals within their content. Make sure social sharing buttons are added to each piece and encourage visitors to retweet relevant information from the content to help increase site visibility.

  1. Encourage Reviews

As Google increasingly focuses on the user’s actions and their opinions to determine site rankings, company reviews are gaining in importance. You can ensure your business retains its top ranking levels by encouraging your users to post reviews on various review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. These review sites are now prominently ranked for all types of industry and companies have the opportunity to build recognition across the local marketplace while boosting site visits by promoting reviews.

  1. Commit to Long-Term Traffic Measurement and Analysis

One reason many campaigns fail is that the company simply isn’t measuring their traffic on a regular basis. This can mean that downward trends are not spotted before they damage the brand. To help protect your company and ensure the success of your campaigns, deploy the latest traffic measurement and analysis tools.

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