Since there is no one single rule to SEO optimization, multiple factors have to consider when planning online marketing campaigns for SEM Rancho Cucamonga companies. Content needs to follow the latest best practices, and be written in an engaging manner. There are some basic rules which govern the SEO marketplace, and ignoring these rules can end up damaging the campaign. Here are three mistakes you need to avoid, as explained by our SEM experts at WSI Priority Media

Writing Without Keeping the Audience in Mind

It is not enough to simply focus on the technical requirements of SEO writing. Keyword placement and implementation of meta tags will not benefit the campaign if the written content is not of high quality. When a company publishes poorly written content that has little relevance for the site visitor, it negatively affects the entire campaign. This also leads to Google noticing that visitors don’t spend a lot of time on any one page on the website, which will in turn lead to lowered rankings and a higher bounce rate.

Campaigns Are Not Scaled

Employing the same strategy that you used when your company was at the start up stage will likely not work when your business grows and prepares to enter a larger market. Initial start-up campaigns are usually small and focused on quality keywords, with a smaller content output per week. This might work during the initial stages, by helping drive a small amount of traffic, but as your company grows the expectations among your customers will also rise. Thus, you will have to make a plan to scale the campaign over time, which can include combining mobile-friendly elements to the site, and talking about the newest products.

Not Setting Up a Mobile Friendly Platform

More and more internet searches are being carried out through mobile devices. If you do not optimize your site to cater to mobile audiences, you will lose out on a valuable, and big segment of the market. Also, one of the ways to tap local marketplaces is through mobile optimization, such as for food service industries and firms which require day-to-day connections with clients. Employing the best practices in mobile site design will ensure your site is completely compatible with smartphones and similar devices.

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