You’re maintaining a blog for your business, but you’re noticing traffic to your website is light. Perhaps your bounce rate is a little high and very few people are engaging.

What does this mean?

It could mean a number of things, including lack of keywords or lack of interest in your content. To drive more people to your site so they choose you over your competitors, consider these SEO tips from WSI Priority Media for better SEM in Ontario California:

1. Write What People Need

The hunger for information on the Internet is real. If you don’t write information that fulfills a need, someone else will. And guess where your potential visitors will go?

Somewhere else.

Create blog posts that solve a problem and fill a need, and ensure you always use the right keywords within your content – for better SERP results. What are the top ten questions your customers typically have? Write down those questions and then create blog posts around those questions. Always offer solution.

2. Make Your Post Lengthy

We tell our clients that in order to capitalize on SEM in Ontario, California, they need to write blog posts that aren’t short and sweet. If you can write an informative post between 300 words and 1000 words, you’re on the right track.

Readers today will run away from super lengthy, bulky blog posts. No matter the length, make sure break the post up into smaller, digestible segments, and always use the appropriate headers. Many people scan more than they read. To keep them engaged longer, bite size pieces of information are favored.

3. Copy Edit Your Work

If you write blog posts that are shoddy or littered with misspellings, you could lose a reader before he or she even gets beyond the first sentence. 

After you have written a blog post, pass it on to a team member to copy edit for spelling and grammatical errors. If you don’t have a team member handy, you can do it yourself by reading the post out loud. Read it slowly in a quiet place and annunciate each word. This is an ideal way to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Using related images in a blog post also helps the reader take in more of your information. Consider one or two crisp photos that aren’t overused and attract the eye.

WSI Priority Media Can Help

Want to improve SEM in Ontario, California for your business? Call us for a consultation. At WSI Priority Media, we provide all the SEM, SEO and online marketing services to help get your business ahead.