SEO, or search engine optimization, is the super power behind any website. It is the heartbeat of search engine marketing (SEM). Without SEO, your website would sit alone in no man’s land. Potential customers would never find you. Google would even struggle to locate you. That’s why creating powerful SEO content is key to getting you out of no man’s land.

So how exactly is that accomplished? 

It begins with figuring out how potential visitors would find you. Here are three ways your Rancho Cucamonga SEM strategy can improve and increase traffic to your website:

1. Determine Keywords Most Searched

When you sit down in front of Google to find the nearest ice cream shop, what do you type into Google? You would probably try something like, “ice cream shop main street.” 

Knowing what kinds of keywords are used most often to search your product can actually drive more traffic to your website. Using these keywords in a natural, informative way will help improve your website rankings.

2. Don’t Keyword Stuff

You may have heard this before, but here it is again: Don’t stuff a blog post or article with the same keyword or long tail keywords too many times. Google’s algorithm, Penguin, has been improved to seek out websites that do this, and knock them out of the rankings altogether.  

Again, use keywords naturally. If you try to write something and it doesn’t flow, backspace and try again. Not only is Google keen on what you’re doing, some of your readers will be, too.

3. Create Useful Content

In the world of content marketing, offering useful, actionable information to potential visitors is like handing candy to a baby. If they like that candy, they’ll come back for more.

Create content related to your product (and thus related to your keywords) that is easily accessible and gives visitors useful nuggets of information. Rancho Cucamonga SEM companies working with us understand this, and are creating eBooks or short email courses to pull more traffic to their site.

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