With the SEO marketplace in a continual state of flux, no one strategy can guarantee long-term success. WSI Priority Media provide companies with the latest in SEM and SEO services to maximize their online presence and ROI. Here are five tips to remember for creating a successful SEM campaign in Ontario, California:

  1. Voice Search Should Be Optimized

More and more people are using voice search for finding things online. The more people use this technology, the greater its value. Companies looking to keep their sites modernized should ensure voice search optimization for their sites. Conversation search queries also need to be kept in mind while gearing content to respond to specific questions.

  1. Duplicate Pages Should Be Deleted

One of the biggest reasons to incur a SEO penalty in 2016 is due to duplicate content. If your website uses the same content on several pages, it can lead to the rankings for your site dropping drastically. Google, in particular, is determined to weed out all types of content duplication.

  1. Content Should Contain Social Signals

With the rise in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, their importance has also risen in the world of online marketing. Your company should integrate social signals within their blogs. Sharing buttons should be available at the bottom of each page, and visitors should be encouraged to retweet and share relevant information from your site.

  1. Reviews Are a Good Thing

More and more emphasis is being placed on user actions, as well as their opinions for deciding a site’s rank. Thus, reviews for companies are becoming increasingly important. To ensure the best ranking possible, encourage visitors to leave reviews for your company on various reviews sites. Companies can thus build a favorable reputation and gain recognition at the local and global market level. 

  1. Site Analytics Should Be Used Regularly

Measuring the traffic for your site can be of huge help in spotting trends which can tell you what to add and what to avoid while planning future site content. The latest in traffic analysis tools should be employed for this purpose.

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